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KinetaCore® and Functional Dry Needling® were featured on Terry Bradshaw's "The Edge". Watch a video explaining what Dry Needling is and its benefits to athletes of every kind.

MedBridge Online PT Training now offering KinetaCore Functional Dry Needling introductory courses.

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We offer continuing education for Functional Dry Needling®, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Manipulation and various other manual therapy courses.

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Dry Needling Courses & Training

KinetaCore® has aligned with like-minded and specialized manual therapy continuing education companies.  Our goal is to elevate the physical therapy profession by improving the care and wellness of patients.  Functional Dry Needling® (also known as Dry Needling) and other cutting-edge techniques offered by our affiliated companies are a remarkable adjunct to traditional manual and physical therapy techniques.  These companies and techniques include: Selective Functional Movement Systems: Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) & Functional Movement Screening (FMS); NAIOMT for manual therapy certification; International Spine & Pain Institute (ISPI) for manipulation techniques; Astym® treatment; and Kinesio™ Taping.   


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North American Institute of Manual Therapy: advanced training & certification.

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