Our KinetaCore Membership is an annual subscription service that allows members access to special dry needling content, videos, marketing materials, and the opportunity to advertise in our Find A Therapist feature on our website.  KinetaCore Membership is a feature open to all clinicians who have previously taken a KinetaCore course.  Those who have completed FDN1 gain access to Level 1 subscription content, and those who have graduated Level 2 gain access to both Level 1 and Level 2 content.

The KinetaCore Membership content includes brand new hi-definition, professionally edited, step-by-step technique videos as narrated by Dr. Edo Zylstra.  This valuable tool will help you as you leave your course and begin practicing on your own with full confidence and mastery.  Then, advertise your new specialty in our Find A Therapist feature, which allows patients and other providers from all over search for a KinetaCore-trained dry needling provider…and find you!