Successful completion of this advanced level of the Dry Needling course of study will deem you competent and proficient in becoming a Functional Dry Needling® (FDN) Practitioner.  Similar to the class model of FDN Level 1, this course includes theoretical and laboratory sessions which incorporate instruction in safety, needling technique, treatment rationales for various diagnoses, and education in contraindications, precautions, and possible complications of dry needling. Content is taught in a blended format including both pre-course online content and hands-on lab-intensive weekend course.

Having practiced and perfected the techniques of FDN Level 1, practitioners are now experienced and skilled enough to cover musculature in more technical areas including that of the thoracic spine and trunk, lumbar spine, cervical spine, hip, hand, foot, upper extremity, temporomandibular joint, and connective tissues.

Course Format

KinetaCore offers the FDN Level 2 course in a 2-day and 3-day format. Both versions of the course require 6 hours of pre-course online coursework to be completed in the Moodle Learning Platform prior to the onsite date.

View 2-Day Course Agenda

View 3-Day Course Agenda

  • 2-Day Onsite Course CEUs:  6 online, 19 onsite, 25 total
  • 3-Day Onsite Course CEUs:  6 online, 27 onsite, 33 total

Both 2-day and 3-day courses include a lab-intensive atmosphere. The 3-day course involves even more onsite lab time, SFMA instruction and 3-4 case presentations with assessment, treatment and practical experience. The 3-day course also provides the additional onsite hours that some states require before practicing dry needling in patient treatment.


  • Successful completion of FDN Level 1
  • Current license as a PT, MD, DO, DC, PA or NP (LAc only by request/referral.) (Not accepted: ATC, RMT, OT, PTA)
  • Submit to KinetaCore a patient log of 200 dry needling sessions.
  • Or, complete Functional Dry Needling: Clinical Integration and submit a log of 100 dry needling sessions.

Course Registration Includes

  • Water and Lunch is provided on all course days. Please bring any additional snacks/drinks you would like in order to keep physically sustained throughout the weekend. Also note that we provide lunches, but we cannot offer food sensitive options. We are happy to assist you in locating meal options in the vicinity of the course venue.
  • Course supplies (including small, medium and large sized gloves)
  • Comprehensive Lab Manual
  • A Discounted 3-Month Website Membership
  • Continued support from KinetaCore®

Sample Patient Consent Form

FDN Level 2 Log

Important Notices

  • This course requires 6 hours of pre-course online content. This content must be completed in the Moodle Learning Platform prior to attending the weekend onsite.
  • It is vital to your patient care that you have experienced this treatment in an educational setting. Please come prepared to practice the dry needling and also have it practiced on you.
  • Pregnant women may not participate in this course due to risks associated with the practical sessions.  Please contact us for more information.
  • Participants must achieve 90% proficiency on all on-line quizzes prior to the course and 80% proficiency on comprehensive written exam after the course. They must also pass a practical examination on-site to earn their certification to practice dry needling.
  • If you do not pass either the Theory or the Practical test, you will be required to re-test the material, which may incur further registration fees. Read, study and come prepared.
  • Click here to review KinetaCore’s CEU and Cancellation Policy.
  • Please review your licensing state’s scope of practice to determine its status on Dry Needling.
  • If you have a post-operative or other medical condition which may prohibit you from taking this course, please consult your physician and contact us for more information before registering.