This two-day advanced clinical integration course focuses on the complex patient and advanced strategies when other treatments have not worked. This course reviews neuroanatomy and neurophysiology and how to apply it into dry needling and clinical practice for the experienced needler who has been trained in the past but wants to advance their skills to where modern dry needling has progressed.

These techniques are perfect for the patient with chronic pain or signs of sensitization, and also for the athletic population who require a practitioner to get them past the ‘extra mile’. The Advanced Course is for those who want to advance their current clinical acumen, progressing from the foundation of our Functional Dry Needling series and adding specific techniques targeting the peripheral joints and the TMJ. This course is a culmination of all foundational and clinical applications content learned with KinetaCore.

Come prepared to think and practice like never before!

Course Format

Onsite Weekend Intensive course with required and recommended readings

  • Functional Dry Needling: Advanced Clinical Integration: 18 CEUs.

Course Agenda


  • Successful completion of FDN 1, FDN 2, and Functional Dry Needling: Clinical Integration, plus 1 year dry needling experience after successful completion of FDN2
  • Current license as a PT, MD, DO, DC, PA or NP
  • Visit our Course Materials tab for important guidelines and pre-reading materials.

Course Registration Includes

  • Water and Lunch is provided both days of the course. Please bring any additional snacks/drinks you would like in order to keep physically sustained throughout the weekend.  Also note that we provide lunch, but we are happy to assist you in locating meal options in the vicinity of the course venue.
  • Supplies to be used throughout the course (small, medium and large sized gloves provided).
  • Comprehensive Lab Manual
  • A Discounted 3-Month Website Membership
  • Continued support from KinetaCore®

Important Notices

  • Bring your previous manuals for reference on this course!
  • It is vital to your patient care that you have experienced this treatment in an educational setting. Please come prepared to practice the dry needling and also have it practiced on you.
  • Pregnant women may not participate in this course due to risks associated with the practical sessions. Please contact us for more information.
  • If you have a post-operative or other medical condition which may prohibit you from taking this course, please consult your physician and contact us for more information.
  • Participants must achieve 90% proficiency on all on-line quizzes prior to the course and 80% proficiency on comprehensive written exam after the course. They must also pass a practical examination on-site.
  • If you do not pass either Theory or Practical test, you will be required to re-test the material, which may incur further registration fees. Read, study and come prepared.