Maryland State Status on Dry Needling

Maryland has approved physical therapists to perform the Trigger Point Dry Needling technique.

View the Maryland approval letter for TDN.

View the New Opinion Letter by the Maryland PTA

View the Attorney General Opinion released in August of 2010.

Recent discussions on Maryland’s Physical Therapy Board have moved in the direction of requiring more continuing education hours before certification in dry needling is allowed.  Bills were introduced in both the House and Senate to prohibit dry needling by physical therapists.  Due to overwhelming presence, opposition and testimony in Maryland by physical therapists, their patients and other professionals, both the House bill and Senate bill were thrown out.

For further up-to-date information on dry needling requirements for PT’s in the state of Maryland, please contact the Maryland Physical Therapy Association.

KinetaCore serves only as an educational resource to practitioners.  It is the practitioner’s responsibility to determine what is within their scope of practice.  Participants are allowed to learn any technique through continuing education, but whether or not they can use this technique in their patient practice is determined by current licensing bodies.   KinetaCore is a strong advocate of advancing the field of physical therapy and will encourage physical therapists to continue to be advocates for their profession.

If you have specific questions about your scope of practice, please contact your licensing board.

For further info and experience with FDN we would like to invite you to attend one of our Level 1 FDN training courses.