The Iowa board issued this statement to fellow dry needling practitioners in June of 2012:  “It has been the consensus of the Board that dry needling does not appear to be prohibited by the law or administrative rules. However, dry needling is an advanced skill that requires additional training beyond entry-level education and should only be performed by PTs who have completed additional education and demonstrated knowledge, skill, ability and competency in the performance of the procedure. If the Board determines that a PT is performing dry needling outside their training or expertise it could result in the licensee being disciplined by the Board. The Board has not issued an official opinion or policy statement on the performance of dry needling by Iowa licensed PTs.”

As of September, 2011, Iowa’s state board of Physical and Occupational Therapy met and determined that dry needling “…does not appear to be prohibited.”

KinetaCore serves only as an educational resource to clinicians and does not make any claim on professional licensure.  It is always the practitioner’s responsibility to determine what is within their scope of practice.  Participants are allowed to learn any technique through continuing education, but whether or not they can use this technique in their patient practice is determined by current licensing bodies.   KinetaCore is a strong advocate of advancing the field of physical therapy and will encourage physical therapists to continue to be advocates for their profession.

If you have specific questions about your scope of practice, please contact your licensing board.  KinetaCore recommends each practitioner be knowledgeable in their licensing body’s current decisions and rulings.

For further information and experience with KinetaCore’s Functional Dry Needling® we invite you to attend one of our Level 1 FDN training courses.