Clinical Pearl: Dry Needling: Not the Holy Grail?!?

It’s almost heresy to hear Edo Zylstra state that Dry Needling is not the only thing you need in your clinical tool box.  But, as in all things rehab related, there is no one thing that improves all patients.  Duh.

So why do we have such a passion for “Functional” Dry Needling (emphasis added) and spreading this tool to the masses as an incredible “RESET” for the neuromusculoskeletal system?  Well, here is my most recent example.

I had the pleasure of teaching Functional Therapeutics with Jeremy Snyder, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS (other FT Lead Instructor), recently with a great group of clinicians.  I have to say, I am still blown away when I see clinicians integrating FDN into their clinical reasoning and treatment plan.  I saw one of our groups during the practical experience on Sunday find twenty dysfunctions.  Let’s be clear, these were findings that they associated with the current main issue they wanted to address.  The goal of the practical was this:  integrate the functional model of DN into clinical practice utilizing various DN techniques taught on the course, manual techniques that are part of the developed treatment plan, and add 1-2 correctives to reinforce the changes.

Result?  Twenty documented and agreed upon dysfunctions to one remaining issue.   From positive myotomal testing, to orthopedic assessment findings (for example, Thomas Test), to global movement patterns (SFMA top tier) and only…get this…five needles placed in various muscles determined by the group!  Comment by one of the participants in the practical test was, “I would have normally stuck the patient with 20-30 needles expecting much less of the change we found upon reassessment.”

So, when are you going to fully integrate Functional Dry Needling into “your” clinical practice?
As you all know, our model is to continually progress and learn how to better treat our patients with faster and more pronounced outcomes resulting in a greater quality of life for the patient but also for you.

And while I can plug here, I will.  You’ll experience more a-ha! moments like this on our Functional Therapeutics for Dry Needling course.