ISPI Webinar: Biopsychosocial Manual Therapy – The Brain has a Body

  • Wednesday, July 11, 2018
  • Dr. Adriaan Louw CEO, Program Director of ISPI
  • 8:00 PM EDT

Modern pain science has questioned in some way the use of and importance of manual therapy. Many of the “old-school” ideas behind manual therapy have been challenged by science, leaving manual therapy seemingly at a precarious spot. Is manual therapy a fad that’s lost its touch, so to speak?

On the flipside, nearly 200 000 people on a daily basis visit physical therapy in the US for low back pain and it can be argued the vast majority receives manual therapy and numerous people get better. Surely it works, but how? If it does not “un-stiff” levels, but people get better, there must be other mechanisms involved.

The good news is that science, especially pain science, has shown that manual therapy may indeed be a powerful treatment for spinal pain and includes a likely combination of neurophysiological effects, placebo, therapeutic alliance and patient expectations. This webinar will showcase this powerful interplay between these various aspects as a means for the modern clinician to see the benefits of manual therapy in people struggling with spinal pain.

Following the education session, we invite you to join Dr. Adriaan Louw, Program Director and CEO of ISPI, as he provides an overview of ISPI’s certification programs: Certified Spinal Manual Therapist; Therapeutic Pain Specialist Certification; International Therapeutic Pain Certification and Pain Fellowship. For more information about these courses, go to


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