KinetaCore® was founded in 2006 and has the mission of offering quality continuing education courses for the manual therapist while actively participating in elevating the profession of physical therapy across the globe.


KinetaCore began when Edo Zylstra developed an introductory and advanced dry needling course in 2006.  The course development was based on his previous IntraMuscular Stimulation training and the combination of the many different philosophies of Trigger Points and Dry Needling.  Edo utilized his extensive experience with the technique while working in a pain management clinic.  During this time he was able to utilize live fluoroscopy and the aid of a physician to develop a unique technique in which every muscle treated has a specific approach and safety is always priority as well as the function of the muscle and how it relates to the body, movement and pain. Edo’s technique also incorporates treating the segment and the referral patterns in a certain way so that it minimizes the number of needles and treatment sessions necessary to achieve immediate and lasting results.

In 2003 Edo Zylstra and Robert De Nardis, an Australian trained physiotherapist and expert in whiplash and sports related injuries, presented together on topics related to whiplash and neck pain.  In 2007 they teamed up and created GEMt, Global Education of Manual Therapists, with the goal of offering the highest quality dry needling courses across the globe.  With the collaboration of Edo and Robert, the course quality and content was drastically improved so that any skilled physio or like provider could incorporate this amazing technique into their current practice rather than having to commit to a complete paradigm shift with treatment.  As of 2010 the North American branch name was changed to KinetaCore and Edo Zylstra remains the CEO, while Robert De Nardis is Director for GEMt based in Australia.  The goal of both companies is to offer world class education for the manual therapist while specializing in Functional Dry Needling® Courses.

Physical Therapy Education Today

Currently dry needling courses have had the highest demand of all of the manual courses offered by KinetaCore®.  The courses will benefit manual therapists and clinicians who work with patients and athletes suffering from acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.  Since the start of the company, KinetaCore® has certified almost 4,000 North American providers in Functional Dry Needling techniques and continues to advocate for the addition of dry needling into the scope of practice for physical therapists across the country.