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Julia Anderson

Therapist Practice

Fairplay Therapy Center
540 Front St.
PO Box 1087
Fairplay, CO 80440

Map: Google
Phone: 719-836-1833
Fax: 719-836-3345
Web: www.fairplaytherapycenter.com
Hours: 8-7 Mon-Fri. Saturdays 9-2

Therapist Info

Expertise: We have a wonderful team of therapists. We offer excellent Manual Therapies, Trigger point Dry Needling, Custom Orthotics, Allergy Elimination Techniques, Warm Pool Therapy, and much more. Please see our website for more information.

Education: Physical Therapists with extensive continuing education.

Experience: We have an out-patient office in a small town of Fairplay in South Park Colorado

Level I and Level II in 2012; Sue VanOrden is level 1 & 2; Diane Molacek is level 1 & 2

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