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Introductory Functional Dry Needling® Training - 27 Contact Hours (On-Site)

Course Details

An Introductory training course in Dry Needling technique based on the traditional theories and education of physical therapists. KinetaCore® Functional Dry Needling will discuss traditional dry needling philosophies but will also have an evaluation and assessment process which focuses on the importance of corrective diagnoses and exercise throughout the course.  Topics to be covered are history, theory and research, as well as safety precautions, anatomy review and application of Dry Needling as a therapeutic intervention. 

There are approximately 35 muscles covered in the Level 1 material (see below for list), from spine to extremities. Each muscle is reviewed in detail regarding origin, insertion, the neuromuscular and vascular components, and safety precautions. Then, each muscle is taught with a specific approach and technique that is sensitive to these important considerations.  Each muscle has a specific KinetaCore® technique which was designed with safety first and effective outcomes second.  All course participants must complete Level 1 through KinetaCore® before moving on to our other Functional Dry Needling® Courses. 

Though the course is appropriate for those never trained or even exposed to Dry Needling, there is a philosophy and technique design unique to KinetaCore®, and therefore all participants must begin with Level 1 Functional Dry Needling® (FDN).  A written and practical exam will be administered and upon successful completion, the participant is then certified in Level 1 FDN® content and can immediately utilize the technique. Prior to course attendance, it is recommended that participants are confident in their anatomy knowledge, muscle function, and palpation skills.  KinetaCore® is in the process of developing a 'Foundations Course' to assist with these topics if a practitioner's skills are not adequate, or for those interested in improving them. 

KinetaCore® values the importance of safety when applying Dry Needling and therefore provides a ratio of 1 instructor per 6-8 participants to enhance the level of supervision.  However, if you are not confident in your anatomy and/or palpation skills and will not feel comfortable with this 1:6-8 ratio, it is recommended that you enhance anatomy/palpation knowledge prior to taking this course, as one-on-one supervision will not be available for the entire course.

* Note:  Each state (or province) may have its own recommendations, requirements or regulations on Dry Needling Training which may vary based on profession.  For physical therapists, please click here to view the information KinetaCore® has obtained on the subject, but remember these may be out of date or incorrect as the status in each state is continuously evolving.  It is your responsibility to know the requirements of the state in which you practice and in the field you are licensed.  KinetaCore® provides this information as a courtesy and may not be held liable for any inaccuracies.

Course Overview

This three-day course (27 contact hours) consists of a combination of lecture, demonstration and a large amount of hands-on laboratory work. Functional Dry Needling® (FDN), will be presented as a tool to evaluate and treat the neuromuscular system. Both Gunn IMS™ and Travell & Simons’ techniques will be discussed as well as the KinetaCore® method of Functional Dry Needling® and the differences among each of them.  Emerging research will be presented and discussed as well. Treatment safety will be evaluated throughout the course and successful completion and exams will require that each participant can demonstrate such.  If a participant fails either the written test or practical portion of the exam, they must re-rake the course at their own expense.  A special pricing has been determined for this circumstance.


All participants must be currently licensed as a PT, DC, DO, MD, PA or Nurse Practitioner with a minimum of one year practicing under your license.  It is required that you email or fax to our course administrator a copy or proof of your current license.


  • Define and understand what trigger points and motor banding are and how they relate to treatment with Dry Needling.
  • Present and review both the common and uncommon presentations of neuromuscular dysfunction as well as utilize other common evaluation procedures.
  • Review and become familiar with current literature regarding efficacy and treatment rationale for Dry Needling.
  • Instruct safe and efficient application of Dry Needling for orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions.
  • Review anatomy, function and safety concerns of regions which are covered in the Functional Dry Needling Level 1 course.
  • Instruct and apply Dry Needling technique which considers safety, indications and contraindications for treatment and proper integration into the clinical or sports setting.

Some of the muscles and conditions which will be covered during the course are:

The focus of the Level 1 Functional Dry Needling® course is treatment for pain management, diagnoses commonly seen by physical therapists and sport related injuries, and prevention. Participants successfully completing the Level One & Two Dry Needling courses will be able to treat pain and dysfunction originating from myofascial active trigger points that can lead to conditions such as tendonopathies, movement impairments and other orthopedic and sport conditions of the following areas:

Level 1

Level 2


Advanced Hip

Lumbar Spine

Advanced Lumbar Spine



Cervical Spine

Advanced Cervical Spine


Thoracic Spine

Upper and Lower Extremity

Advanced Upper and Lower Extremity

 Tendons & Ligaments

Who would benefit from this course?

Licensed Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Medical doctors or Doctors of Osteopathy and specialized Physician Assistants who work with patients suffering from chronic musculoskeletal conditions and have experience and education with a strong background in anatomy, palpation and movement of most of the muscles covered. It must be allowed under the scope of practice of the licensing state to use a needle and puncture the skin. This course was developed by a physical therapist and is based on the assumption that all participants have a strong background and current understanding of anatomy and physiology similar to the education of physical therapists.  If you are not a physical therapist, we highly recommend reviewing at length the anatomy from the provided study guide, the function and overall use of the musculature, and common diagnosis and pain patterns of the orthopedic and chronic pain specialty.

*It is a required expectation for all participants to undergo dry needling in this course.  Due to contraindications of receiving Dry Needling when pregnant, if you are pregnant you are not able to take the course.  If you become pregnant before your course begins, please notify us and we can enroll you in a later date.

Prior to the course, participants should review the preparation materials by clicking on this link .

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