Florida Stance on Dry Needling for Physical Therapy


Dry Needling is accepted internationally as a tool of physical therapy.

Physical Therapy clinicians throughout the country are working with their state boards to gain acceptance of this technique.

Florida State Status on Dry Needling

We are currently communicating with the State Board about the Trigger Point Dry Needling technique.  Please contact the board for direction.

KinetaCore serves only as an educational resource to clinicians and does not make any claim on professional licensure.  It is always the practitioner's responsibility to determine what is within their scope of practice.  Participants are allowed to learn any technique through continuing education, but whether or not they can use this technique in their patient practice is determined by current licensing bodies.   KinetaCore is a strong advocate of advancing the field of physical therapy and will encourage physical therapists to continue to be advocates for their profession.

If you have specific questions about your scope of practice, please contact your licensing board.

For further information and experience with KinetaCore's Functional Dry Needling, we would like to invite you to attend one of our Level 1 FDN training courses, and consider our new Functional Therapeutics for Dry Needling.  See all course descriptions under our "Courses" tab.

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