The Functional Dry Needling Certification will develop the knowledge and clinical reasoning skills to assess and treat basic to complex cases. As a clinician, you will progress from foundational dry needling skills through more advanced strategies. The certification should create a highly skilled clinician who incorporates FDN with other therapeutic techniques and exercise progression at a high clinical and diagnostic level of care with the ability to advocate for Dry Needling to their state board.

Target Audience: Licensed Physical Therapists

Credit Hours: 18 credits

Program Length: 18 months

Which types of patients will benefit?

  1. All ortho/neuro patients who have a muscular involvement to their impairment.
  2. Sport-related:  weekend warrior, professional athlete, lifetime fitness guru
  3. Patients who present with symptoms and case history no one else has been able to touch.  
  4. The difficult patients find relief with dry needling.
  5. Maintenance and preventive care.
  6. Chronic pain
  7. Geriatric

Program Highlights:

  • Challenged to incorporate FDN in daily clinical care.
  • Develops a highly confident and competent application of this very technical skill
  • Faster results in patients, with less intervention – quicker return to life, return to sport 
  • Replaces alternate forms of treatment such as opioid or other medication usage for patient care

What Students Will Learn

  1. Main skill set of FDN to 90% of the mm of the body (based upon safety) Integration of FDN techniques to 90% of the musculoskeletal system
  2. Assessment and clinical reasoning to integrate effective treatment.
  3. Electrical stimulation with FDN techniques to improve outcomes and reduce post treatment soreness.


  • Assessment:Subjective, Psychosocial and Physical Evaluation
  • Therapeutic Neuroscience Education
  • Introduction to Functional Dry Needling- Level 1* (Hybrid)
  • Functional Therapeutics- Clinical Application with Functional Corrective Exercise Progression* (Hybrid)
  • Functional Dry Needling Level 2* (Hybrid)

Elective Options (Choose 1)* All Hybrid

  • Advanced Clinical Application- Level 3
  • Clinical Integration from the Front Office to End of Episode
  • Pelvic Floor


  • Functional Dry Needling Capstone* (Hybrid)

*This program includes (5) hands-on WI labs.